Health Coach to a Happy Life

My Inner Talk With LOVE to You


Authenticity is a spiritual word.

I live my life my own way, I want you to find your way too.

I had pass by, not more or less, of the difficulties that you had. And it´s just Life.

Since I´ve born all my life was full of learning processes, as yours.

My mother passed away so early and I was by myself, getting stronger 

and cultivating an inevitable free spirit.

Had a very critical family and always felt worse than I should be… 

We can learn to improve our self esteem. Yes we can! And no need from others approval!

Was on diets since 6 years old.

Had plastic surgery to reduce the size of my precious butt :) I was just 16!!!

Got married, got divorced, was just 25.

Dated the wrong men, dated the right ones too.

Carry on some big regrets…

I cooked, yes! I cooked so much… and keep doing it, for your soul!

Got sick, got deep in diet restrictions.

Got better and grew spiritually in a vertical direction… 

We can find the direction, were love is.

Oh yes! I learned to love myself deeply!

Have a serious back problem and I deal with my physical condition everyday, all the time. 

Awareness. Consciousness. I am a witness of my path.

Became vegan, became a vegan healthy pastry chef and cook.

I am learning my way and learned how to help you! 

My job is to guide you into to your own dreams and goals, 

and you can reach them out, sooner than you think!

Fresh and new, I am your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I am here to share, guide, support, love and listen to you.

Life is a Gift, GRATITUDE is needed.

I am humbly crossing you way, let me give you a hand, or two!


Feel loved!




Sing Up! <3

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